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the opiate of the sheople

This is an archive of the principal documents in the Bambi BC issue. The images you see when you click on the thumbnails are not the fullsized forensically accurate originals which -- although generally removed from the sites of their original postings -- remain widely available on the web. These versions are posted here for reference purposes only.

(*) = (www) 2008jun10 Intelligence Investigators Report - westernjournalism
(*) = (www) 2008nov13 FOIA Draft Card - Debbie Schlussel
(*) = (www) 2008nov22 the Polarik report - freerepublic
(*) = (www) 2009jul15 USarmy revokes Maj Cooks orders - cathinfo
(*) = (www) 2009jul28 Hawaii 1961 Longform BC - worldnetdaily
(*) = (www) 2009aug04 Birth Certificate Generator - Republic of Kenya
(*) = (www) 2009sep25 DNC Failed to Certify - JB Williams

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