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welcome to the Antarctichrist
Whatever it is that has brought you here is a blessing & a credit to the path you have chosen. Two key precepts:

If the Universe can make use of you it will.

Always hike alone.

consider this

the Antarctichrist message

Peace & love (not necessarily in that order) unto all sentient beings. If you are reading this you have almost everything. You live in or near an industrialised civilisation & you are literate & have access to the internet. What you may lack is a direction. The message of the Antarctichrist is that you are to direct yourself towards the Truth.

When we enter the world we know the Truth. We can sense it & experience it directly. What we do not know are the facts. Education is an indoctrination preparing one mentally to entertain systems of facts. In the past most "facts" have of necessity been big lies. It is thus vital to pursue the Truth in order to discover the facts, *& not the other way around*. There is one Truth but many lies, & the pursuit of Truth is always easier than the retreat from error. Moreover:

Mankinds greatest lie
Pales in comparison to
Heavens merest truth
-- an anonymous haiku

Be guided confidently by the Truth & accept no less; it is not to be feared. If you know little, you have your work cut out for you; get busy. If you remain unconvinced that the internet does indeed extend ones sensory capabilities, please begin by browsing the multitude of NASA imaging & remote sensing sites.

(*) = (www) Google RADARSAT
(*) = (www) Google

Once again, if you expect that the facts will somehow lead you to the truth, you are at best a dialectician. Your life is consigned to be an unending series of Hegelian trainwrecks. If however you recognise that Love will unerringly lead you to Truth, you are prepared to walk in the ways of the Antarctichrist. Chill out! Whatever your path, may your misconceptions, as long as you retain them, prove to be at least somewhat accurate.

"Knowing the Truth is easy; what is difficult is knowing what others think is the truth."
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